We make the process of registering and keeping your company compliant quick and easy.

Company Formation / Incorporation Services

Form your company today! By answering a few simple questions we will prepare all the necessary paperwork to bring your company into existence. All you need to do is choose your company name, answer a few basic questions, and be ready to start doing business in the U.S.!

Registered Agent Services

When forming a U.S. company, you are required to appoint a registered agent with a physical address in the state of formation of your company. The registered agent must be able to receive during regular business hours and accept, if appropriate, service of judicial process, subpoenas, and other important legal documents on behalf of the company. The receipt of these documents may impose important legal obligations on the company, for example, the obligation to respond to a lawsuit if one is filed against your company. Failure to do so may result in your company being exposed to substantial risks.

We will act as your company’s registered agent so we can receive, review, and, if appropriate, accept these documents for you. We will then scan and email you the documents to make sure you receive them timely, even if you are out of the United States.

Registered Address and Virtual Mailbox

When you form a company, you are generally required to disclose your company’s mailing address. Once you do this, your company’s mailing address may be available as part of the public records. Often, companies use this publicly-available information to sell their services to you (which results in a lot of junk mail) and in some cases companies engage in unsavory business practices, impersonating government officials and requesting that you submit payment for bogus fees.

We will list our address as your company’s mailing address and will receive all of this correspondence for you. We will filter out all the scams and solicitations, and we will scan and email you the important communications.

Books and Records Maintenance

All companies must maintain internal formal documents approving important transactions, budgets, and other key company activities. These documents represent the backbone of proper corporate governance. Depending on the jurisdiction where your company operates, certain courts have held that the failure to properly maintain these formalities may effectively result in your company being disregarded for liability protection purposes. This is a heavy penalty which exposes each owner to the risk of being personally liable for the acts or omissions of the company.

We will review and maintain your company’s books up to date with all the required formalities, and will make your corporate documents available to you via a secure cloud storage, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Compliance with State Filing Requirements

After the initial formation, all companies are required to periodically update information regarding their officers, directors, authorized representatives, addresses, and contact information with the appropriate state authorities in each state where the company conducts business. Failure to do so may result in monetary penalties and even the dissolution of the company.

We will timely prepare and file the periodic renewal or maintenance documents required by law in each state where your company does business, so you do not have to worry about deadlines or noncompliance.